passing scenes

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Mind Games

It is amazing how human mind works out its own defense mechanisms and war strategies in its own ingenious ways reacting to the chaos and disillusionment it faces.
Mind develops its own games and indulges in secret ways of finding joy by frustrating the fucking asses who keep on trying to do damage to your fort of happiness.

This happens involuntarily and suddenly you realize that you are no more a hopeless heap of disgruntled ideas with fuming frustration mystifying your vision and corrupting your thinking. It is like a dawn of hope and happiness.
One way of deriving happiness is defeating these morons through capitalizing on the inadequacies of their poor brains. Talk to them sweetly smile at them and screw their happiness by making them go through all the loops and keep them guessing till they feel that their life has gone for a tailspin. Never reveal anything straight. Make every instruction hazy. Make statements as complicated as possible. Use great quotes and tantalizing analogies in your presentations. Give them enough room to make mistakes. Abuse them and then benevolently excuse them for their sins! Let the bastards screw themselves under the weight of their inadequacies.

The happiness you feel when you have gained control of the thought processes of another human being is enormous and cannot be equated to anything else. Imagine the heights of delirious pleasure enjoyed by Hitler when he saw the hysteric frenzy of masses desperately pleading to die for him. That is power.

I am not a sadist nor am I philanthropist. I want to lead my life and care a flying fuck about these nuts now. Earlier all my time was spent on surviving these guys...Now I am enjoying man. Enjoying..!

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Any takers…?

I am doing this because I am getting bored. Life in the middle of morons. I was in the middle of action and life was vibrant and fizzy when I was in India.
After coming to Nigeria, the fizz is gone. I am just going through this nonsense as my bank account gets filled up.

Think of a major telecom operator and creative thinking is a sin here for a senior management guy here!
Constructive initiatives will be enthusiastically aborted by the fellow fools.

Meetings and presentations occupying my time are useless and histrionic exercises.
Life has become a joke. Reward of greed. That’s what I would call this. Greedy guys are welcome to this funny place. Any takers…?

Friday, June 24, 2005


My world has suddenly changed.
My new abode is ‘Lagos’ in Nigeria
I hate this place
It has snatched from me my present and pleasure.
I am not lured by the serpentine beauty of the original ones…
Working in the office has become a joke…
Meaningless discussions….Hollow presentations…
Indecisiveness has crept into my systems
I never wanted to be here
I don’t belong here.

Mindless organization…
Emotionless Germans..
Horrible Nigerians..
Unhappy Indians..

Endless nights…

Cost of being greedy is high…I will have to go back and discover me again…

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Green pastures

I have resolved to do the following.
Restart my morning jog (Thats when I get new ideas!)
Go for trip to a remote hill station somewhere in the North.(Trouble is Office will haunt me wherever I go)
For a diversion make friends with some new girls ie talk lot of nonsense. (Damm I dont mind going alittle beyond that..if it helps)

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

True reasons

I am loosing interest in everything recently...
Even Tsunami doesnt excite me anymore.I have done my part of contribution.But I feel skeptical whether it would reach those needy.
The demands of my office dont give me any kicks now.
ActuallyI want to rename broadband team as boredband team..
My office is a congregation of morons pretending to show excitement on anything and everything.You stare at them sharply and you can see them retreating to thier shells.

My realizations goes on like...

I am holier than Shankaracharya...! (Next target should be Pope!)
I am sober than most of these morons..
I can expect a vistor from a remote planet these days...

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Passing scenes

Welcome to my page.I am Aniyan

I am an Indian proud of my nation’s its rich heritage and beauty. My viewpoint and opinions on various issues in this world are deeply rooted in the value systems of our culture. However I have a holistic approach towards these issues and believe in the harmony that I can see in the diversity of culture, language, climate, colours, and religions among nations of this world.

I welcome your observations opinions on areas of common interest and would like to constructively collaborate with you to contribute creatively for anything that is for the betterment of this world. I feel it is important to have such opinions. Errors of opinion may be tolerated where reason is left free to combat it.

My views may be weird and yours are worse.Accept it.

Beauty is eternity gazing at itself in a mirror
There are too many laws, and the wrong things are illegal. Drugs, sexual publications, hiring a housekeeper and not paying Social Security, jaywalking, loitering, nontraditional sex or marriage, paying someone less than a government-set wage, not wearing motorcycle helmets, owning or wearing guns, choosing your own medicines, designing or constructing your own house, owning software that can copy DVDs, exporting cryptography, driving at the same speed as the rest of the traffic; all these things should be legal. What laws have YOU broken this month?

Free Software means software that comes with freedom.Not software that has a price. In particular, it means software that gives everyone the source code (what programmers need to keep a program running and improve on it) and the right to use the program, modify it, and give or sell copies to anyone. The new buzzword for this is "Open Source", but it's been called "Free Software" for decades.

World Governance
The government says we are always at an "Elevated" threat level. They have no plans to ever reduce this reported threat level down to "Low", no matter how many years of untroubled life we go through. It's like the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists' "doomsday clock" which in over fifty years has never been shown with less than 17 minutes remaining before Armageddon. Well, 17 minutes have ticked past more than a million and a half times since 1947, and the bombs haven't blown us up. These are both scare tactics, not real reflections of reality

Any country that makes every citizen a felon is heading for real trouble. We need to reform the legislative system that keeps producing too many of the wrong laws.