passing scenes

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Green pastures

I have resolved to do the following.
Restart my morning jog (Thats when I get new ideas!)
Go for trip to a remote hill station somewhere in the North.(Trouble is Office will haunt me wherever I go)
For a diversion make friends with some new girls ie talk lot of nonsense. (Damm I dont mind going alittle beyond that..if it helps)

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

True reasons

I am loosing interest in everything recently...
Even Tsunami doesnt excite me anymore.I have done my part of contribution.But I feel skeptical whether it would reach those needy.
The demands of my office dont give me any kicks now.
ActuallyI want to rename broadband team as boredband team..
My office is a congregation of morons pretending to show excitement on anything and everything.You stare at them sharply and you can see them retreating to thier shells.

My realizations goes on like...

I am holier than Shankaracharya...! (Next target should be Pope!)
I am sober than most of these morons..
I can expect a vistor from a remote planet these days...