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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Mind Games

It is amazing how human mind works out its own defense mechanisms and war strategies in its own ingenious ways reacting to the chaos and disillusionment it faces.
Mind develops its own games and indulges in secret ways of finding joy by frustrating the fucking asses who keep on trying to do damage to your fort of happiness.

This happens involuntarily and suddenly you realize that you are no more a hopeless heap of disgruntled ideas with fuming frustration mystifying your vision and corrupting your thinking. It is like a dawn of hope and happiness.
One way of deriving happiness is defeating these morons through capitalizing on the inadequacies of their poor brains. Talk to them sweetly smile at them and screw their happiness by making them go through all the loops and keep them guessing till they feel that their life has gone for a tailspin. Never reveal anything straight. Make every instruction hazy. Make statements as complicated as possible. Use great quotes and tantalizing analogies in your presentations. Give them enough room to make mistakes. Abuse them and then benevolently excuse them for their sins! Let the bastards screw themselves under the weight of their inadequacies.

The happiness you feel when you have gained control of the thought processes of another human being is enormous and cannot be equated to anything else. Imagine the heights of delirious pleasure enjoyed by Hitler when he saw the hysteric frenzy of masses desperately pleading to die for him. That is power.

I am not a sadist nor am I philanthropist. I want to lead my life and care a flying fuck about these nuts now. Earlier all my time was spent on surviving these guys...Now I am enjoying man. Enjoying..!